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Paper Kawaii Shop is a little online store selling printable origami paper, origami diagrams & ebooks as well as paper craft templates (more to be added soon!).

There is also a large collection of free printable origami paper to be found here.

Paper Kawaii Shop has been set up as part of PaperKawaii.com.

For the other graphic designers out there we have also included seamless vector patterns for use in your own design projects (commercial use allowed, see below for more info).


Paper Crystal has now been retired. All of the old content can still be found here. Just check out the printable origami paper section.

It was decided that it would be better to merge Paper Kawaii & Paper Crystal into one website, making it more manageable.

Any previous customers who can’t access past purchases, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page (make sure to include the email you used to purchase in the past).

Downloading Files

Any free files can be downloaded directly on the product page. You do not need an account. Free files are in PNG format, and they are downloaded inside a ZIP file. If you cannot open the zip, please simply google ‘free zip file software’ and choose one for your computer’s operating system.

These free PNG files are provided as ‘personal use only’. Please see below for more usage details.

Opening & Printing Free PNG Files

All the free printable origami papers are in PNG file format, they will open in your image software. They have been saved at 150 DPI.

Printing options vary per printer. For best results, setting it to ‘scale’ is usually the best option, that will ensure that the whole square origami paper will be printed. Please test the settings by printing just one.

You can then use a cutting tool to trim off the sides. A cutting knife and board are the most exact tools, you can cut a few sheets at a time, scissors will work too.

Opening & Printings PDF Files

For Mac users, PDF files should easily open in Mac ‘preview’ and from there you can print from the file menu. For PC users, you may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) from here (Acrobat is also available for Mac). The premium PDF files are not editable, so they will not open in vector editing programs such as Adobe Illustrator.

Premium PDFs in vector format will print at 300DPI (very high quality) meaning you could print them on larger paper if you have the means to do so. If you only want specific ‘pages’ of the PDF printed, you can enter a ‘range’ for the printer. For example, entering ‘3-3’ into the range will print only page 3 of the PDF, entering ‘5-7’ will mean that only page 5, 6 and 7 are printed etc.

Instead of setting the printer to ‘scale’ you might need to choose ‘scale to fit’ instead. This is to ensure that the image doesn’t get cropped.  Please test the settings by printing just one first.

Buying Products

When you purchase a file or pack from Paper Kawaii Shop, you will be given an account that you can sign into whenever you’d like to see your download list or change your account details. 

Using the shop should be pretty straight forward. Add a product to your cart by pressing the ‘Buy Now’ buttons on the product that you want to get. You can then either checkout straight away or continue shopping. When you are ready you can then checkout, using either PayPal or Stripe. 

After payment is complete, you will have instant access to the download. An email will also be sent to you with a special link to download as well as login information so that you can come back and download your purchase whenever you like.



All artwork and designs remain the copyright of Paper Kawaii.

All textures, photos, unique patterns and other designs are copyright Paper Kawaii.

All designs have been created from scratch using vector software.

Personal use only

All of the printable origami paper, ebooks, paper craft templates & wrapping paper is STRICTLY FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY.

This simply means, you can print the images as many times as you like,
and you can save the files in your computer for your own personal use.


All of our files are ‘read only’. Editing, altering or copying the designs is not permitted. Only use them by printing them in their original form. Do not change or redraw the designs. Do not make derivative works or use any parts of the designs.

(this does not apply to the seamless vector patterns)


Apart from the seamless vector patterns, there is no commercial use allowed on any printable origami paper, paper model or gift-wrap product at Paper Kawaii Shop.

Royalty Free vector patterns

There is a section of the shop called Seamless Vector Patterns. These patterns are all royalty free, no attribution required. You can use these in your own design projects, they open in many different vector software such as adobe illustrator, sketch etc.

You cannot use these patterns on their own, for example you cannot create printable origami paper and then sell them on, you cannot turn them into spoonflower wrapping paper etc.

They are to be used as part of a larger design composition. This includes things like background elements, the skirt on a character in an animation, the wallpaper of a room in an illustrated scene etc.


All models that are listed as Design: Paper Kawaii are not to be re-diagrammed or re-distributed without permission, contact us for licensing. Further, using any of Paper Kawaii’s origami models in stock photos is prohibited. Any violations of this will be reported.

You are free to sell the physical origami model so long as credit is given. 

More info can be found here.


Due to spam, I have removed the contact form.

If you really need help or have any problems or questions, please use Contact Me via @paper_kawaii.

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